Customer Testimonials

What Your Neighbors Say About Us:

These are a few letters that we recieved from satisfied customers.

Dear Mike,

" I am writing to inform you of the excellent treatment given by your stafff. As a manager in the past and as a current manager for XXXXXXXXX in Cairo. I know the value olf good employees. I have been using your company for my furnace care since buying my first home in 1999. I have always been treated well. Most recently I bought a new home and needed the furnace cleaned and as it turned out repaired. I called the office and spoke with Susan. She immediately remembered me from past dealings with my home and my church, XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX. From then on in all of our conversations she treated me as if I were a close friend that you were taking special care of due to our relationship. Since other than one meeting at your office on 9W, I do not know Susan. I realized that this must be how all of your customers are treated. WOW! Ron was sent out to service my furnace. Now Ron has taken care of my previous furnace so I was happy to see that someone I trusted would be going to my new home. As it turned out one visit to my new furnace was not enough. Ron had to come back and spend the better part of his day in my basement and will need to return yet again to finish the task. He has been pleasant through it all, keeping me up to date on what is going on and even taking the time to explain it to a friend of mine in order to make sure that I fully understand the magnitude of what he is doing. WOW! Again. I can assure you that this is not the norm in business. I wish it were, but we've all dealt with companies that get the job done and nothing more. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am and how at ease I feel knowing that I am not just a dollar sign. I am a person. Even more, I am a valued person. If hiring employees like this is how you do business then you are to be commended! Thank you very much for the service that I have received! Please pass along to Susan and Ron my gratitude for a job Exceptionally Well Done!"

Sincerely, Tamela

Dear Mike,

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you kindly for the prompt service. I enjoyed dealing with Ron, your service tech. He was polite conscientious, and knowledgable. In addition I would just like to thank you as well for being more than fair in the way that Ron and you both mediated my circumstances concerning my past service calls. All of you were great to Sue and I when we were going through the complicated construction project you helped us complete. I am proud to remain as your customer and that is why I had no trouble signing and purchasing a service package. I look forward to helping you to prosper and I hope we can stay in partnership."

Sincerely, Andy

"As always the service from Kool-Temp is professional and efficient . I recommend your service to everyone!"


"Thank you for the great services !"


"Just a short note to thank you very much for the two filters. Your courtesy and generosity are appreciated. You don't know how many times and how much we enjoy the comfort of the Lenox heat pump! Your crew did a great installation job. Again thank you for everything."


"The installers did a wonderful job! They are the best people I've had do work in my home so far! I loved how clean and curteous they were."


"So far, we have been very pleased with the new system this winter and look forward to a "cool" summer. Thank your for your services and assistance."


"I just wanted to personally thank you for the attentiveness of your staff and your herculean act of dealing with the Lennox people on our ever exciting furnace adventure. Every dealing with Kool-Temp has been great and your staff is really wonderful and a pleasure to be around."


"I would like to say that we have been more than satisfied with your company and the service that you have provided. Last year we needed a new furnace and we put our trust in Kool-Temp. Your company has taken very good care of us and was very clean and neat. This year we had a little trouble and all the employees that were sent to our home were polite, kind, and courteous in helping us find out that the mistake was ours in the type of batteries that we were using in the thermostat. You came out to our home three times and took care of us with no hassel and with KINDNESS!!!!!!! We have always recommended your company to all of our friends and anyone whe ever asks us who to use for heating and cooling needs our first words have always been KOOL-TEMP!!! My husband knows Mike the owner personally and that is the other main reason I put my trust in the work that is done because Mike is a wonderful person and I know that he would only hire the best people to get the job done right !!!!!!!!!!!"

Lance & Faith

"I was delighted with the service of your firm in the cleaning of the duct work in a building I own in Slingerlands. Your colleague attended with poise, confidence and skill and I will be very pleased to recommend your service in the future."


"Thank you to everyone at Kool-Temp particular thanks to Lou for a very professional job & communicating the work very well !!"


To Sue, Megan, Ron, Lou and gang at Kool - Temp:

"What a suprise - the flowers are beautiful - you are all such nice people. It's always a pleasure to deal with all of you." Thanks again and again

Yours Truely, Pat

"Nick provided great service - Very courteous"


Dear Mike,

"Ron came today- all's right with the world! My generator has been thoroughly tested and is working again. You are extremely fortunate to have someone as capable as Ron working for you, which I am sure you already know. I think next year I had better upgrade my contract for all parts & service, but meanwhile I'm most appreciative of your kindness in not charging me for this service call."

Sincerely, Ruth


"I was awed at your attitude toward your job and life! It is rare these days. Thanks for the fine service. Kool-Temp has a good man."

Sincerely, Dolores


"Thank you for your prompt response, Nick was very professional. As a real estate broker and developer in the area I have a good opportunity to refer you a lot of business. In return I want you to make sure I get your level 1 pricing for all my calls. I own 4 houses in Greene and Albany Counties. Thanks for your assistance."

With best regards, David

Hi Sue,

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all yours and Ron's help. Nice to know people like you are there when I need you!!!"

Sincerely, Susan

"I wanted you to know that Doug did a wonderful job and your company is the best. I am never disappointed in the service you provide"



"Thank you for the installation of our heating system. Joe and Nick were very professional and did an outstanding job. They answered all our questions and left the jobsite clean. I know you gave us a great deal on this system. I would recommend your work to anyone in search of a good HVAC company. Thanks again"

Sincerely, Tom & JoAnn

Hello Mike,

"The new system is functioning very well. I was amazed at how much work was involved to install the new system. You have a dedicated and very hard working crew. Please pass along our appreciation for all their hard work."


"I am very impressed with the dedication & service of the system. Installers Joe & Eric stayed until 9:30pm to finish the job so we would not be without heat. Thanks!"

Doug, Paula & Taylor

Mike, we made it through the winter and the system performed admirably. At least this winter , anyway, we did not need the electrical backup. Our electric bill did spike substantially. It is really difficult to assess until budgets adjust over a cycle, but I would guess we are looking at a 7-8 year payoff, not calculating in oil increases this past winter. Of course, the $4,500 that the casings cost us added one full additional year to the payoff. The system kept pace, but for in the pool room. There it did stay at 80 degrees thru evening hours, when the room was in use, then dropped to 71-73 , overnight, only on particularly cold nights. Then it got back to 80 degrees when the room was not in use, during the day. All in all, everything performed beautifully. Needless to say, if the winter were not so mild, electrical backup may have kicked in on some nights. All in all you can put us in the satisfied customer category. Hope that all is well. Thanks.



1. - yes - Did our technician arrive when expected?

2. - 5 - Was the job completed to your satisfaction and expectations?

3. - 5 - Did our technician adequately communicate the services performed, the associated charges and as answer all your questions?

4. - 5 - Was our Technician courteous and did he treat your home with respect?

5. - 5 - Did our technician clean up the work area properly?

6. - 5 - Was our office staff helpful and courteous?

7. - 5 - How do you rate our overall performance?

8. - 5 - What is the chance that you would recommend Kool - Temp Heating & Cooling, Inc. to a friend or relative?

9. - 5 - Please rate your overall experience with Kool - Temp Heating & Cooling, Inc.

Customer would like to be contacted: no

Comments:Fired it up last night! Living Room at 82 degrees and moved it nicely to 78 this morning. The main living area unit cooling into kitchen and sunroom! I am one happy camper and even more grateful than the day you installed. Appreciate the nice job blending to the "old house".


The Tech's that did the work today were the greatest, very kind, and respectable. All in all, it was an excellent experience. The company is only as good as it's employees, and they were A#1! (A number one)

Bob & Carol

I would tell everyone to get Kool-Temp.


Check out the web link I made of the job that Kool-Temp did at my house. Mike Veeder spearheaded and organized the entire job. Also anyone that knows whats what in terms of plumbing that ends up in my basement comments on how nice and tight of a job it looks.

Regards, Mike A.

Hey Michael,

They finished, nice kids. My compliments to your crew and the spray foam crew. Professional and very courteous.


I just thought I would share a positive remark that Andrea made about the geo system and it wasn't even an asset that we considered in deciding to do it. She said that there was a dramatically marked difference in the level of dust created as opposed to the oil burner we used to have.


To Mike and the entire Kool-Temp staff,

Thank you all very much for a job well done! Our solar power dream is now a working reality. Please feel free to use us as a reference. As it is, we talk up your team to everyone who expresses interest.

We tried to list a few items that would accurately describe our experience:

  • prompt response to our inquiries and any questions we had throughout the entire project,
  • accurate estimates, and NO SURPRISES,
  • filed all the necessary state and local paperwork to maximize our rebates and tax advantages,
  • acquired all the necessary building permits, inspections, etc.
  • professional and friendly staff,

In all, you guys did exactly what you promised. Business, the old fashioned way.

Gratefully, Tom & Ingrid (Athens, NY)